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which is the best play school in patna

While most parents consider play school the official start of their child’s education, the years preceding this milestone a vital time for learning as well. Children enter play school usually at around two to three years old but the first five years of life are an important time for setting the foundations of learning. In fact, the play school years may be the most important learning time of all.

Which is the best play school in Patna ?

While getting admission for your child you will want your child must get the best play school in Patna for his or her bright future. We are here Junior DPS Patna to hold your child's hands and give them sunshine in their life. Junior DPS Patna is an extraordinary school with a unique mission that is to help children grow in a melodious surrounding resulting in their all-round development. Our mission is to the enriching learning experience to the early learners in their first step towards education. Our future aim is to down social, moral and cultural values in early learners and also to stimulate in them the feeling of respect and concern towards the atmosphere. Our school is one of the top play school in Patna.
Our play school in Patna curriculum helps children to achieve their best, develop their talent rationally, creatively & socially with the help of specially designed activities, role-play models & learning the material to offer opportunities to all the children so that they can fully develop their potential skills as individuals. We acknowledge that each child is exceptional and consider their special needs and abilities.All these things can be possible only in our school i.e top play school in Patna. All children are respected and their individuality and potentials are known, valued and nurtured. They are also encouraged to discover new things and develop their talents and interests in a special field.
Our curriculum aims to allow children to learn through play in a safe environment and atmosphere and to develop social self-confidence among their groups. As we live in a multi-cultural society so, we aim to reflect this in our planning, resourcing and management. We give equal opportunities to all the children and are dedicated to treating the children in our care with equal concern and to make every attempt to meet their exact needs. To encourage, consideration, kindness, tolerance and cooperation we build an understanding of right and wrong behaviour of every child. We are top play school in Patna our works and thinking also top.

Junior DPS Patna is the only preschool chain in the country with True Smart Learning System. This is possible only if the school rank top play school in Patna. Our Smart Classrooms are technology enhanced classrooms that promote opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology, such as, projectors, smart touch panels, computers, specially designed and planned software. We also provide audio as well as a visual classroom for everything, our children play on them with the specially designed software and simultaneously they learn alphabets, shapes, numbers colours, fruits, vegetables, animals, mountains, rivers, buildings and transports, etc. Everyone can easily consider that we have the best play school in Patna.

Junior DPS is a top play school in Patna

Our play school is the top play school in Patna because it provides the audio and visual rooms are set up with world-class technology-enabled education tools prepared with Large Format LCD or Projector, Audio and Video Player and Computers with the main objective of making teaching more interesting and effective also whatever they are learning can they can see it and feel it. The teaching comes animate with teaching resources such as animation clips, pictures, videos, rhymes; stories, dancing videos, interesting music etc. are revealed to children using a projector and a big screen monitor. We have multimedia corner touch screen computer so that children can learn the concepts of shape, blocks, colours and size etc. in an easy attractive and motivating as well as encouraging way. This possible only by all your support and people count us as one of the top play school in Patna.

Junior DPS Patna activity arcade provides rich knowledge and experience to the children. The arcade is prepared with colourful, attractive and well-designed concepts for role-playing activities in, farmhouse, dollhouse, pet house, departmental store, jungle, concept hut puppet Corner, etc. and inspired activities such as reading, painting, , dressing up, storytelling, , jumbles, scribbling jigsaws, building blocks, clay modelling, finger painting paper tearing ,folding and pasting etc. Children by doing buying and selling activity in the arcade shops can easily understand & learn the basic concepts of mathematics like numbers, counting, and calculating. All these facilities your child will get from our in our play school in Patna i.e why we are known as a top play school in Patna.

Come and join with us and follow us we will take the responsibility of your child’s future as we are known for our work and we rank at the top play school in Patna we will make your child top among all.

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