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Find more about the top play school of Patna: Junior DPS Patna

How often do you find your child lost in their only little world of imaginative play? In your house, it’s a daily incidence – and since school has started again this fall, you often find the girls playing school. Pretend play is not only a serious part of early child development, but it can also help you and learn more about your child and their current school experiences. With a growing literacy rate, the new generation of parents is making it a must to send their ward to play school for better grooming and become a successful human being. Every parent makes it a point to look for the best play schools for their kids. Not only this, in subsequent to the increasing number of enrollments, and the number of play schools is also rising at the moment. There are many people who are prospecting, planning and working on the idea of a play school. If you are situated in Patna then don’t worry as Junior DPS Patna, is one of the top play school of Patna till now.

Why Junior DPS Patna:

Nowadays there is plenty of play school of Patna and parents are confused because which one will be best for their child’s future. Before getting admission of your child you will think why you will select us i.e Junior DPS Patna but there are reason such as we believe to provide you group of people with the best early childhood education model in which the management, staff and parents work together to nurture the child’s individual development and normal love for learning. At Junior DPS Patna play school, we are dedicated to preparing children for a life beyond school. Children bloom with empowerment and knowledge. They cherish being able to discover & experience than being told & taught. Through interactive, engaging, fun, and sensorially stimulating experiences, modern education & traditional values cover way for a lifelong love for learning. Young minds at junior DPS Patna are provided with an atmosphere that radiates happiness while encouraging them to play and discover more every day. In Patna, few play schools are there which you can count as one of the top play school of Patna and we are one of them.

The creators of a better tomorrow are the little hands holding
play-dough today:

With an aim to create worldwide leaders who will guide this world to a happier tomorrow, the journey of Junior DPS Play school began in 2018 with its flagship centre in Patna. Continuing our journey to refine skills, nurture interest and encourage and support searching amongst early learners Junior DPS Patna play school has imprinted a name for itself amongst the leading play schools in the country. Today, Junior DPS Patna play school has spread its wings to numerous cities, winning a collection of titles. From being recognised as the fastest growing play school series in India to being featured amongst the top play school of Patna by Education World, year-after-year.

Learn While Doing:

Children learn best by doing, as it requires them to think and explore many new things. Keeping this belief into performing, we provide children with practical learning experiences that instill an eternal love for learning. Our experiential teaching attitude aims to create interactive, realistic, and sensory inspiring learning experiences that build curiosity and expands learning. For instance, we don’t just talk about animals or birds from the book but have a farm party with live birds and animals giving children real-time learning skills. Among all other top play school of Patna people rated us as number one.


Day care centre offers the highest superiority in early childhood education within a warm and development environment. This is, in large part, due to the enrollment and preservation of highly qualified teacher, ongoing training opportunities and regular professional development. In addition to daily behavior, the staffs arrange detailed written evaluations for each child. This is done twice a year at the play school and more frequently for infants and toddlers. Not only are these evaluations helpful to the parents regarding their child’s development but they allow the staff to individualize a curriculum for each child in their particular group. Our Day Care Centre aims to attract and maintain highly qualified as we are known as a top play school of Patna.

Medical Facilities:

We at Junior DPS Patna have always been caring for the health and proper growth of our students. To monitor this, we have a team of doctors visiting the school on a regular basis. Free medical checks up camps are organized by the school in which parents and doctors have one to one interaction. School management is responsible for these facilities. In Patna there are many best play schools are there but they did not follow such type of facilities as we do. Our junior DPS Patna is one of the top play school of Patna.

Activity center

Our junior DPS Patna activity center will provide to many after-school weekdays or weekends or in vacation time activities for children in a range of motivating activities. These may range from dance to drawing, dramatics to robotics, Vedic Math to handwriting improvement and so on. The 'Fun in the Sun' Summer camp at junior DPS Patna has been one of the most wanted after programs. Summer Camp is a FUN time for kids as it involves mixed learning styles, experiments with new skills, makes new friends and be more independent; all with a fun aspect in it. Junior DPS Patna Play school brings to you summer explorer, an exclusive and holistic summer camp program that allows children to channel all their summer interest in an intelligent and creative way! Children become more energetic and they enjoy each and every moment. This camp special held in our play school there are many other best play schools of Patna. But we are on the top play school of Patna till now.

Our Service:

Talent is the potential waiting to grow and develop into aptitude. Every child is blessed with many such talents that are looking for an outbreak to expression and junior DPS Patna help them to find. Right from the fashion of watching the still landscapes, animals, foliage, and birds to climbing trees, dancing to the tunes, singing, composing and sketching. Every child has an adapted choice. Sports have a very vital role to play in the growth and maturity of body and mind. Our sports lounge ensures that students ‘mental watchfulness sharpens along the way. It also takes care of their pleasure and the necessity to relax. That is why our Junior DPS Patna is known as a top play school of Patna. We have a special music teacher as musical terms are an important way to help children build neural relations. Listening to music for children improves attentiveness and develops a child’s artistic sense. Dance helps the students to keep fit and maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind. Art & craft also helps the students to achieve the colour concepts and develops student’s originality. It helps them to develop their confidence through their creations. In all over Patna, you will not get this type of play school as we have that is why if you search in Google you can easily see that we are on the top play school of Patna.

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