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Junior DPS Patna is one of the top Nursery Schools in Patna

When a person becomes a parent, his or her philosophy and preferences got to change a bit and now he or she not only thinks about himself but for his or her child as well. Every choice that a person then makes directly or indirectly affects his kid as well. Parents always want to give the most excellent to their children and the most important thing that parents can do for their child id provide them with a healthy atmosphere to learn new things and experiences which can help them in the future when they are grownups. When a child's enters in the age of 2 or 3, he or she demands stuff to play with and people who can essentially merge with him physically and understand his needs. In most parts of the world, both the parents have to go to work hence they don't have enough time to play with their children. So for them, Junior DPS Patna is there one of the top nursery schools in Patna. There are many other nursery schools in Patna but the best nursery schools in Patna is Junior DPS Patna.

The Story of Junior DPS Patna:

Junior DPS Patna is one of the top nursery schools in Patna. Our education system is totally unique and different from other nursery schools in Patna and is being continuously upgraded to make sure that the Junior DPS Patna education experience reflects the very best in early childhood education. At Junior DPS Patna we believe that nothing is more important than our children. Our mission is to provide high-quality early childhood and elementary education in a safe, secure and inspiring environment, which will present children with a foundation for lifelong learning. Our goal is to establish an eagerness for learning and knowledge in the young ones. We think about the child’s future and their basic development. People consider us one of the best nursery schools in Patna among all nursery schools in Patna.

Junior DPS Patna:

The school follows an attitude that teaching and learning can be made stress free and enjoyable for a better educating experience for the child. When a child enters school he is curious and hopes for an enjoyable and pleasant experience. What follows in a conventional school is perhaps a disillusionment that the child faces, and gradually finds the school to be boring, monotonous or full of stress. At Junior DPS Patna we realize the need to give a better learning experience to the children of Patna, and follow a system which recognises the individual needs of children, taps into their talents and also creates a society of people including teachers and parents who want children to not only be rationally smart but also have strong social and emotional strengths. Junior DPS Patna is one of the top nursery school in Patna if you read this few points which help. Junior DPS Patna was developed with a vision to provide special features and advantages to its students.

It is distinguished from other schools by its inclusive nature:

1. Designed and structured to educate the child in a natural manner: physically,intellectually, socially and emotionally.

2. Play is part of the preschool, but Junior DPS Patna is much more than a play school or Montessori

3. The amalgamation of subjects provides a rich and inspiring program which encourages creativity, thoughts and self-expression.

4. Junior DPS provides secure surroundings where risk-taking is confident and where children see themselves as capable and capable learners.

5. Since language arts is a precedence of the child-centred program at Junior DPS Patna, children will not only learn how to read but will also develop a love for reading.

6. If you read all these points you can easily differentiate Junior DPS Patna with other school and Junior DPS Patna is one of the top nursery schools in Patna.

Junior DPS Philosophy:

Junior DPS Patna method is based on the well-established principle that children learn through experience and investigation. When children enter school they regard learning as a pleasurable experience so they are naturally tending and eager to learn. It is important that the program reinforces and builds on this positive attitude by offering varied, inspiring and enjoyable experiences, which Junior DPS Patna prides itself in doing.

Children learn through straight sensory experience and need to influence, explore and experiment with real objects. They are naturally snooping about their world and are eager to learn about it. They are active learners and learn through a variety of ways. Play is the serious work of children; as they play they elucidate information, put together ideas from their previous experiences, explore and experiment with their current environment. Through play, children learn to deal with their feelings, interact with children and adults, and resolve conflicts. They develop their imagination and originality.

Children need to learn to make connections with past experiences and current learning. Integrating topics with skill progress will help the children make sense of the world and their learning. The skills are developed through a huge number of activities and the centres are used to extend their hands-on learning. There are regular daily activities such as story time, snack, outdoor play, calendar, weather, news and clean-up. Junior DPS Patna is the top nursery schools in Patna. In Patna nowadays many top nursery schools in Patna are there but you cannot compare those schools with Junior DPS Patna many outsider also said that one of the best nursery schools in Patna.


Junior DPS Patna early childhood program features a variety of learning spaces for self-determining, and small or large group activities. Since most children need to be very active, there is a range of learning areas or centres to offer for the different needs and interests of the children.

English Language Arts:

By the end of older Kindergarten, children will converse effectively in English through listening and speaking. They will develop a good understanding of alphabetical symbols and will be able to read the basic text in English. In addition to that, they will be talented in using phonics strategies to approach new words and writing strategies appropriate for beginners.


Junior DPS Patna children will develop into problem solvers. They will learn lengthily within this field- regarding patterns in the number concepts, environment, comparisons, sets, 3-D objects, simple graphs, basic formal operations and basic dimension.

Science and Technology:

Our children will display an interest about the natural world, display knowledge of uniqueness in common materials, identify cycles in nature using techniques of surveillance, and work with others while using the computer in all aspects of their studies.

Creative Activity:

Children will easily understand colour, shape and use of media to express ideas. They will be very much capable of responding to music, drama , art, and dance. If you notice you can easily understand why Junior DPS Patna is one of the top nursery schools in Patna.

Physical Skills And Well Being:

Junior DPS Patna is one of the top nursery schools in Patna as children over here will develop physical skills, an awareness of health and safety rules, an understanding of sharing, cooperation taking turns, and socially acceptable behaviour. Children will learn to share, pay to respect others, attention, and understand that individuals have different talents and functions in our society. So don’t think twice just come and admit your Child into Junior DPS Patna one of the top nursery schools in Patna.

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