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FInd out the Top 10 Nursery Schools in Patna, from Junior DPS Patna

The first few years of life is the most significant in terms of growth and personal development. As such, your choice in nursery school will really influence how much your child learns about his or her atmosphere as well as how he or she socialises with others. There are many nursery schools in Patna that offer high value learning for young ones; however, choosing the right nursery school can be awe-inspiring, especially for parents who are sending their little ones off on their own for the first time. Before admission of your child you have to select the top 10 nursery schools in Patna for your child, among top nursery school in Patna , we at Junior DPS Patna is one of the best school.

Why Junior DPS Patna –Top 10 nursery school in Patna:

What started as an endeavour of providing quality education to the tiny tots in 2018, has now become a mission and vision of imparting knowledge. Playing, enjoying and learning every moment, that is what we aim to do for our children. Based on the philosophy of “I do and I understand”, we at Junior DPS Patna give a lot of importance of play way method where students can feel as well as experience and understand the concepts while playing and one of the top nursery school in Patna Our teachers are well trained to present their lessons in a wide variety of ways using music, art activities, cooperative learning, role play, multimedia, inner reflection, field trips and much more to educate the children. We want our students not just educated but knowledgeable as education is only a formal process whereas knowledge is lifetime understanding and experience. That is why in today’s world when the competition is so strong still we are at the top 10 nursery school in Patna.

Importance of Junior DPS:

Junior DPS Patna thinks in providing children with a new world of experience where a child is awakened to the possibilities of life and his or her own potential and for their unique thought regarding child, it is nominated as one of the top 10 nursery school in Patna. Junior DPS Patna is a premier non-traditionalist school in Patna with the dream to offer a rich and resourceful schooling atmosphere. Junior DPS Patna follows the nursery philosophy of guiding a child to knowledge rather than blindly imparting lessons. The school empowers the child with self confidence and self-determination to develop a well-rounded personality and there are few reason Junior DPS Patna consider one of the top nursery school in Patna. We give children the freedom to choose what they want to learn and promote their decision-making skills on their own. We think knowledge is the best teacher and struggle to make each day memorable for the child. Junior DPS was established as a self- learning play school for children between one and five years of age. That is why Junior DPS Patna consider one of the top 10 nursery school in Patna. Each and every parent wants their child to get admission in a top nursery school in Patna and Junior DPS Patna is one of them.

Junior DPS Patna Program:

Your 2 years old tiny tot needs the safest and development environment to explore the road of learning. Our unique horseshoe shaped work table let them enlarge their social skill while interacting with each other. Colouring, tearing, sponge dabbing, pasting help them to develop their fine motor skills. Over here there are many nursery schools in Patna but Junior DPS is one of the top nursery school in Patna. First time 3 years old gets introduced to the global of alphabet and numbers. The kid in this age group tries to become more independent. The kids of 4+ years are enrolled for this academic program. An extra-curricular activity to expand the fine as well as unpleasant motor skill helps the students to build their self-confidence. Art and crafts continue to play an important role here too. This academic plan accommodates the kids of 5+ years of age. By the end of the academic schedule, the students develop the skill of sentence arrangement, mathematical logic. The extra-curricular activities and value education make them ready to take on the challenges in formal school. Everyone consider Junior DPS Patna one of the top nursery school in Patna.

Junior DPS one of the top nursery school in Patna Curriculum:

A unique curriculum has been planned to take into thought the physical, emotional, social, cognitive and sensorial abilities of the child. The curriculum is age suitable and focused on uniqueness and concept simplicity through play way method. Junior DPS Patna approach, activity learning method so that the overall growth of the child generates at a tender age. We offer a balanced approach to learning, where your children learn while having fun. We recognise that quality education comes through: Favorable learning environment as well as standardised and original teaching methods, also include qualified and experienced teachers and a balanced curriculum. We believe that the curriculum plays a crucial role in every preschool activity, right from communications and meals to singing and playing. This can only possible in a top nursery school in Patna. We never miss an opportunity to educate our child. We have the best-in-class curriculum designed in-house using a mixture of Play way and Montessori methods. Every curriculum-based activity is planned with a specific lesson or outcome in mind. We teach children life skills and value education that go further than reading, writing and arithmetic.
Playing with toys, listening to music and activities with other children develops motor skills and teaches lessons in sharing. That is why Junior DPS Patna is one of the top nursery school in Patna.

There are few top 10 nursery schools in Patna If you want to check you can:

1) Shemrock Petals Play School:

Their aim is to help little minds grow in a child-friendly environment for the holistic development of a child

2) Maple Bear Canadian Preschool:

Programs offer a full day structured program for various age groups from 2 to 6 years.

3) Blossom Nursery School:

Good teachers and co-operating staffs beautiful place for kids to grow and help children to build their career.

4) Little Millennium - Sidheshwar Nagar – Patna

The group has wide experience in the field of education, their school teachers is extremely well educated and guide all the children properly.

5) Aquatic International School

Aquatic International School focuses on their own learning styles and abilities and supports their growth with caring and creative student and teacher interactions.

6) Kidzee Chitragupt Nagar - Best Pre School in Kankarbagh Patna | Deo Foundation

We look forward to sharing with each of you our joy of learning and teaching. We promise you fun and informative sessions together.

7) Bright Minds Preschool Patna

“Educating for life”. Here Bright Minds Preschool Patna powerfully contend that a play school lays the foundation of a child’s academic career.

8) Toddler's Train Play School

It is our aim to give every child a holistic behavior and equip him or her with complete growth in every field appropriate to his age thus preparing him or her to face the challenges of life.

9) Orkid Petals Play school Boring Road

The purpose of education at Orkid Petals play school Boring Road is to transform the inborn capabilities into a realism. The creative energies of children through dance, music, drama, arts and crafts, activities, games, sports, outings, celebrations, explorations, contests etc help to develop their hidden talent.

10) Parrot Kids

Parrot Kids goal is to respond to the call of creating the emerging leaders of tomorrow.
Getting into the right preschool is never a misfortune; it is an outcome of the right decision at the right time. So come and join us i.e. Junior DPS Patna one of the top nursery school in Patna among all other nursery schools in Patna.

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