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Our Journey to the top playschool in Patna

Junior DPS, ever since its inception has been a pioneer amongst the top playschools in Patna, and our commitment towards providing our students with a better future has only grown with time. We consider ourselves a family at the Junior DPS and look forward to interacting with our ever-increasing family of parents and students and continuing on this exquisite journey together. Through excellent past performances, an intricate teaching pattern that is sure to provide results and fantastic and dedicated teaching staff has provided us with the groundwork to build a great school and ultimately become the best playschool in Patna.

What makes Junior DPS one of the top playschools in Patna?

Dedicated Transport Service

We understand your young one needs to feel safe and loved, even if they are away from their homes. We at Junior DPS don't consider ourselves a school but a family and treat our students as such. At the best school in Patna, we provide our students with a dedicated fully Air-conditioned Transport Buses that will pick up and drop your child at your doorstep and without so much as a hassle. Forget about your worries about leaving your child unattended with our special guidance system only present at the best play school in Patna, Junior DPS. We also invite parents to chaperone their kids on their way to and back from school to help them calm their minds and feel in control.

Smart Classrooms

You might be surprised to know that not only do we provide interactive teaching methods at our school Junior DPS to improve class participation and interaction amongst our students but we also house state of the art smart classrooms with interactive teaching equipment to make your kid have fun, even in school! Our students love to learn through games and quizzes that our teachers design and create for their betterment. At the best play school in Patna, not only will your child learn the little things before going to a fully fledged school, but they will be better prepared for their school ahead through new and better teaching methods employed at only the best play school in Patna, Junior DPS.

Interactive Teaching Methods

The teachers at junior DPS create interactive teaching material through our smart classroom program to improve class participation amongst our students. All the teaching material is created to make interaction easier through visuals, eye-catching graphics and fun games that help our kids learn through new and fun ways. We focus on practical knowledge as compared to theoretical so as to improve students response and let them learn in a new and better way at the best playschool in Patna.

Safe Environment

Our premises is completely surrounded by a huge wall and armed security is posted at all entry points so as to limit outside hindrance inside our school. We make sure to provide a safe learning environment for our students. Our transport buses are parked inside the premises where they pick up our students and drop them at their respective stops, and a dedicated reception area is provided for new enquiries. Teachers are expected to take care of their students in a strict fashion and loitering is strictly prohibited inside campus grounds. We at the best play school in Patna understand how important your child's safety is to you, and thus safety is our number 1 concern at Junior DPS.

If you are looking for a top playschool in Patna to send your child to, we at Junior DPS are your best choice. Being one of the top playschools in Patna ever since our inception and recent developments have only improved our standing amongst our peers, we claim to be the best playschool in Patna. To contact us, please click here.

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