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Top Kids school in Patna

A play school is a place where around 10-30 children spend 1-3 hours each day under the supervision of a couple of teachers. The top play school in Patna may have a lot to offer, such as a unique opportunity to learn and grow. We believe play schools should not be intended at rising academic skills like writing and reading but focus on the overall development of the child.
Want to get your child admission in one of the top kid’s schools in Patna? Come we are here to help you out! Junior DPS Patna strongly believes that creativity and knowledge come from exploration, so each day consists of an exciting range of experiences and opportunities for your child to discover a new unique thing. Education in junior DPS Patna is a very much an approach to growth, that allows a child to develop in a natural way. Our aim is to provide a child with the best possible conditions to promote physical social-emotional and intellectual development to help achieve their maximum potential.


Our kids school in Patna fully qualified team of key workers to monitor their progress as they work towards the early learning goals. We try to use an individual learning curriculum to ensure children make progress and any particular problems are identified and addressed rapidly and efficiently. Faculties are not only school teachers to a kid but they are just like parents at school, you inculcate, incorporate and also guide kid with the right attitude, behaviour, discipline, self-respect and self – confidence. So, we have faculties who are youth, convent educated and well trained to handle all type of child. They bring out the best talent from the child to achieve their goal and get admission in the best of schools. That is why everyone in Patna considers Junior DPS one of the best play school in Patna and a top kids school.


As times are changing so we are. Nowadays what used to be luxury now it has become a necessity. We need world-class infrastructure to provide our children with the best in education to make them confident. Scientifically it is proved that children learn better if they are provided with the required comfort and calm to them. Air-conditioned classrooms provide them with the perfect ambience to grow. The amazing air-conditioned classrooms not only delight but energize kids to learn while playing. They will remain fresh like a flower. Only a few play school in Patna have AC classrooms and our school i.e junior DPS is one of them.


From the comfort of air-conditioned classes to grow them naturally, our kids also require the same environment which relates them to nature and the environment. Junior DPS Patna has a large play area with attractive game tools which help out the kids to learn while playing and to sense things differently. Our different playing equipment and wisely chosen rides bring out their best and enrich them with right attitude making them strong physically as well as mentally. The school as an open room full of toys and with two to three supervisors. Generally, the mothers were allowed to sit inside the kid school premises, but we were advised that if we had a good maid, it would be fine enough if she waited outside the school gate. Our kid play school in Patna is leading among all other kids school in Patna.


Our junior DPS seminar will outline important developmental milestones and help you understand your baby’s behaviour at each stage of development from birth to 5yrs. This is a very special type of seminar which held in our school only after 3 months. We will provide practical parenting strategies and many illustrative examples. This seminar presents a loving and kind approach to parenting that will improve your relationship with your child, strengthen your bonding. Your relationships with each other and with your child are your most powerful tools in raising a happy and successful child. We will address common parenting concerns and offer ways to resolve them effectively and growth promoting.
Make your child future bright so that he or she can touch the sky and fulfil your dreams. If you have any confusion read this blog post you will get a clear idea about our school. Junior DPS Patna is one of the top kids school in Patna.

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