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List of Play School in Patna

Play school are intended to educate the children through fun and play. Their learning focuses on the development of sensory motor skills, intellectual and social development of kids. The well- defined routine and peer interaction help to groom for the next school level.
There are the number of play school in Patna but the Junior DPS school in Patna is one of the best play school till now. The children can choose the activities and present themselves in an environment that will help them understand basic. Our main vision is to make children eager to learn and encourage them to become the leader of tomorrow. Our play school gives your child wings to fly high and achieve his or her school.

Curriculum at the best play school in Patna:

Junior DPS has defined curriculum as a process that is needed to develop and actualize human potentialities. The school is concerned not merely with the ability to store and retrieve actual information but with the blossoming of the entire personality of a child. We naturing a tech- savvy nursery generation that works smartly and easily outperform other. Junior DPS usually takes special care to beautify the childhood of every toddler. Our curriculum is outlined in a very time-appropriate method with lots of activities to grasp and retain better. Experienced teachers are hired after undergoing special training programs which acquaints them with the latest and unique method.

Facilities and Infrastructure at Junior DPS Patna

Junior DPS play school campus included various amenities like an activity center, toy room, art room, music room, ball pool, concept centre, sand pits and also an outdoor service area. You can also consider this is the best play school in Patna till now we provide you with the best-equipped school. Children are encouraged to participate in various competitions organized in school. We simply teach the little ones with new techniques that will help them to learn new things and their brain will become more activity. We provide you pick and drop service to everyone.

Holistic Development:

We target on developing a child holistically in terms of emotions, physical, mental and social aspects. We try to develop the brain like in any situation he or she can handle and can keep calm. Reactions of every child must be normal no arguments with anyone or any child who are present in the classrooms.

Music and Movement at the top play school in Patna

Music always supports self -expression, creativity, cooperative play, emotionally well being and development of social cognitive, communication and skills. Our classes include a weekly visit with our music and dance teachers who always incorporates record music and rhythm instruments to support the creative movement. Along with sign languages, instruction promotes cultural awareness and literacy skills, in addition, we also provide to enhancing vocabulary and creative thinking. This why everyone considers the best play school in Patna.

Amazing experience:

Our school junior DPS Patna always excited to help children foster an amazing experience on their first day at play school, first outing with friends and teachers first on-stage public performance in front of everyone and also first happy moments with us. We care and appreciate every smile and adore kids with love and comforts. Regular open house for parents and grandparents then can come and see their little ones.Timing is also perfect from 9.00 am to 12.30pm.
Junior DPS Patna is one of the best play school in Patna till date. If you are planning to then don’t get late our play school has been set up keeping in mind the vision of grooming achievers and leaders of the future.
Well, we have informed you every detail of our play school that you need to know before you take admission of your child. There are also a few play school which you can have look in Patna.

1. Orkid Petals Playschool Boring Road:

The classrooms of this institution are specially designed with different learning corners. This school offered an integrated value-based approach and is known for great personal attention towards the kids.

2. Maple Bear Canadian Preschool:

Maple Bear Canadian Preschool has a very good environment. The school focuses on stage exposure arts, craft, dancing and sensory stimulation to help children prepare for their academic lives.

3. The Play School:

The Play School has an excellent curriculum to enhance the creative abilities of a kid. If you are planning to stay around with your child then come and get admission for your child.

4. Bachpan Play School, Patel Nagar

Bachpan play school offers your child-friendly curriculum and a healthy teacher- student ratio. Your child will easily get admission over here.

5. ABC Montessori Patna:

The school has an excellent environment and playground. Classrooms are decorated very well also all the festivals are celebrated over here. Play school timing also perfect for parents who are working.

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