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Know more about the best play school of Patna: Junior DPS Patna

Choosing the right kind of play school can help shape the future of your child. Most parents do not take play school education seriously and as a result, they fail to get admissions in elite schools. Play school is the most popular and the concept is widely accepted around the world. This education helps the child grow at their own pace. It is seen as the seed of our children's education. Teaching is thought to be implemented at a young age in order to set the standard for future schooling. Nowadays there are many play school is coming us but you cannot trust everyone. Junior DPS is one of the best play school of Patna.

Why your Childs Need To Be Here:

Welcome to Junior DPS Patna we at Junior DPS Patna follow the standard that kids should enjoy their childhood days to the fullest. Learning should be fun enjoyable for them and not a heavy load. Our school is a place where a kid feels like a house. Our learning method is modified from principles of play school education and customized to fit into the local scene. What makes us different is our individualized and child-centric learning path, by which kids learn at their own speed and interest and enjoys the whole process of learning from us. This makes us unique and we are known as a top play school of Patna.

Junior DPS And Its Approach:

The basic driving principle of Junior DPS Patna is every child is sole and talented. Like every seedling can grow into a big plant if nurtured regularly and properly, every child can grow to their full potential if we look after them with love and provide an atmosphere where they get the opportunity to unfold their potential talent. Our main vision is all-round growth of a child which is not limited to just study of a few subjects. For that, we follow and activity based development process where children gain pleasure, appreciation and respect for themselves and also with others. The activities are designed according to the age and developmental domain like physical development, motor development, sensorial development, cognitive development etc. Our skilled and experienced teachers respect the essential value in each child and promote a love of learning that will last a lifetime. For this reason, people make us one of the top play school in Patna. At Junior DPS Patna we treat parents as partners in the development and growth of kids as this is the common motive of both parents and school. Raising children in today’s time is a quite complex job and there are times when every parent and caregiver feels lost. At Junior DPS we become your guide, a wise counsel, confident and loyal companion who would make this journey pleasant, enjoyable and meaningful. Junior DPS one of the top play school of Patna.

Why Junior DPS?

Holistic Development:

Children learn best by doing, as it requires them to think and explore many new things. Keeping this belief into performing, we provide children with practical learning experiences that instill an eternal love for learning. Our experiential teaching attitude aims to create interactive, realistic, and sensory inspiring learning experiences that build curiosity and expands learning. For instance, we don’t just talk about animals or birds from the book but have a farm party with live birds and animals giving children real-time learning skills. Among all other top play school of Patna people rated us as number one.


At Junior DPS Patna we work on the holistic development of kids and not just studies. Activities in each area of progress are considerately designed to encourage kids to participate, learn and grow. Also, our inspiring environment provides kids with enough scope to explore new things and learn by doing it yourself approach. We believe that education is to take care of self and the surroundings are an essential part of child development. So from a suitable age, we help kids to construct the habit of self-care and taking care of the environment. Each and every parent wants and tries to instil good habits and values among kids. Here in Patna, there are many play school because people trust play school education. By Google searching, you can easily know the top play school of Patna.
We at Junior DPS Patna, work directly with parents to build good habits and high moral values in kids. School is a small version of society where kids get a chance to interact with junior, senior kids, peer groups and elders. This is their first step to socialization. Here in Junior DPS Patna, we hand hold kids to the new world outside the home. We also make their social skills by way of small and large group actions and other means. In these they learn to share, help, cooperate, empathies, doing things in turn and other social values and skills. This also gives them an opportunity to show their leadership quality. In short, we prepare children not just to read, write or count, we prepare children for the future. Junior DPS is one of the top play school of Patna till now.

Teaching Approach:

Our teaching approach is based on play school principle and modified as per local needs and needs of the present time. We follow individual and child-centric curriculum where every child learns at their own speed and interest. We take care of the needs of every single child and help them to develop as per their level of understanding this can only happen in top play school of Patna. Apart from teacher-led teaching our method of education provides children plenty of opportunities and break to do a self-directed activity, hands-on learning and joint play, which helps in tangible learning. We also make proper use of modern technology to make learning a fun experience and thereby creating a balance between play school approach and modern technology. Our aim is to instil good values and learning attitude in kids so that they can learn maximum from their environment. Our main approach is to encourage children to explore their own world.

A Day at Junior DPS Patna:

A day at top play school of Patna i.e Junior DPS Patna is filled with different age-appropriate, inspiring experiences. Different areas of interest, in balanced time periods, are available for the child to follow. Games, acting out small stories, action songs, rhythmic exercise, role play help the children follow direction and assist with others. The artwork is using paint, glue, crayons, scissors, clay etc. making structure with building blocks expand imagination and manual skills. Nature study, rhymes, stories, puppet show build up language and increase concentration distance. Consistency in routine and knowing what to expect during the day helps the children develop a sense of trust and understanding of their surroundings.
Don’t think twice just come and get admission for your child at one of the top play school of Patna i.e Junior DPS Patna.

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