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How To Choose Right Play School For Your Kids

How to choose the right play school for your kids as nowadays play school is very significant. If you are in Patna! You can get started by asking people you know. Friends or relatives who live in the surrounding area of your house or parents you meet in the local park or playground are good sources of information. You can look online too as it always gives you the correct information about play schools, and do pay particular concentration to reviews by parents of children still studying there, and of children who have graduated. Junior DPS Patna is one of the top play school in Boring Road.

Who We Are:

Junior DPS Patna is a unique play school series ventured by Junior DPS Patna itself. Junior DPS Patna is managed by a team of highly qualified, enthusiastic and experienced educationists and professionals who have taken a program in making Junior DPS a dream place for little champs. We believe that children need a safe, clean and hygienic environment in which they can grow them-self and healthy. As the name goes, prepares the child for a full school by providing the right environment for the child to make its transition. We have a simple goal of making the lives of families with young children better and easier. By offering our children high-quality studies along with music, art, and improvement classes and a variety of services all under one place. One of the top play school in Boring Road. We are the team Junior DPS Patna imagine to amplify the future with exceptional and supreme learning experiences for everyone around us. Our goal is high and so we are i.e one of the top play school in Boring Road.

Our Legacy Along With Our Values and Principles:

At Junior DPS Patna, our legacy is built on our promise to keeping everyone safe and as long as world-class care and education, delivered by an outstanding teachers. At Junior DPS Patna, we are guided by our values and principles. Our Values and Principles are quite exactly at the heart of our organization’s ethos and culture and identify how each member of Junior DPS Patna’ family contributes to the whole. There is much other play schools in Boring Road but we are unique and best play school in Boring Road Patna. Our graduates admire us because they started their basic education from us and now they achieve their goal. We Junior DPS Patna believe in honesty. We openly communicate in a sincere and genuine way to the parents. We are always truthful, listening and taking action in any matters.

Facilities and Infrastructure:

We have researched the curriculum with low child-teacher ratio – 10:11. Our surroundings are children friendly or you can say they will feel like home. Our teachers are trained, experienced, and friendly. In Junior DPS Patna we introduce creative play-way methods. We give our child kind aesthetic guidelines. In Junior DPS Patna is one of the top play school in Boring Road because we perform exercises, yoga and meditation class for every child. As nowadays fitness is very essential. A hygienic environment is the foremost thing for every child. Regular health check-ups are held in our Junior DPS Patna. Regular tips for parents about their children this can only possible in top play school in Boring road. Pure drinking water is always available. Celebrations like a birthday or any other festivals we celebrate in our play school at Junior DPS Patna. As this is one of the best play school in Boring road among all other play schools in Boring Road we held stage exposure. Excursion and picnic are compulsory for every student along with the teachers. We have a special celebration area where each and every kid enjoys. Splash Pool Activities as well as Ball Pool Activities held in our school. If you want to transfer your child we have free Inter branch transfer. Student safety is the foremost thing in our school Junior DPS Patna so we have special transport facilities. For all this reason everyone considers as one of the top play school in Boring Road.

Junior DPS DayCare:

Our Junior DPS school also offers full-day care facilities for working parents. All the activities are carefully chosen and calculated to help the child reach it highest possible in an environment which will stimulate, the Childs development in a variety of skills including language, social, emotional, reasoning skills, physical and more, making Junior DPS Patna a one stop for all children's need. Our regular activities include singing, dancing, painting, craft, puppet-shows,, numbers, shapes and computer-aided education, introduction to alphabets educational video shows, use of educational aids, classroom toys, range of carefully selected play equipments, use of library books, indoor and outdoor games, aerobics, general knowledge, story time, bubbles and more. All these activities held in Junior DPS Patna and it is considered one of the top play school in Boring Road. There are many other play schools in Patna but they did not guide your children properly as we do.

Junior DPS Curriculum:

The curriculum at Junior DPS Patna is developed with an understanding of putting equal importance on the overall development of kids along with the academics. Teaching is artistically planned to aid the child’s personality development, self-confidence and self-esteem. In our curriculum, you will find a good combination of Nursery and Play school method of education. It is supported by various teaching aids, original classrooms and does it yourself concepts, as well as outdoor activities. Each and every kid has his or her own strengths and ways through which they would learn better and can be improved. We use special tools and technique to identify these in every kid at our school i.e. Junior DPS Patna that is why this school is one of the top play school in Boring Road.

Teachers In Junior DPS:

Teachers play an extraordinary and amazing part in the lives of children for the decisive years of their development and the importance of teachers is something that cannot be understated. They involve themselves in molding their students into responsible citizens of our country. Junior DPS Patna teachers are highly dedicated and motivated to their work from time to time are prepared with orientation, education and training program, inter-school exchange program and many other skill upgradation activities. They are very patient and understanding of the entire situation. Our teacher in Junior DPS Patna helps the students in each and every moment. They encourage and support the development of each child by providing security and warmth emphasizing self-discipline. Junior DPS Patna is one of the top play school in Boring Road.
Please come to us and we are ready to give your child a bright future. So quickly join us Junior DPS Patna as one of the top play school in Boring road.

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