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Best Preschool of Patna

Preschools are intended to educate the children through fun and play. Several preschools also introduce a mother-child program where you can attend the school with your kid and try to understand the education structure. This also makes your child cosy in the school atmosphere.
Welcome to the virtual information centre of junior DPS Patna with children from 1 year to 5 years old. Here we attempt to make every day in the life of a child a day of learning through fresh and brilliant experiences to inspire and create interest in him or her. Here spending every moment of life is fun and enjoyable. Our preschool in Patna is one of the top preschool.
Junior DPS Patna main is to nurture young minds by providing ample opportunities to play learn and grow in a dynamic, challenging and culturally sound environment. We impart holistic education and firmly believe that each child is unique and learns differently. To build an education model, as one of the best preschool in Patna, Bihar which will make quality education accessible to all from the grass root level to the topmost sections of the society. Our curriculum includes a lot of fun-filled activities for your little one. All events and festivals are celebrated with enthusiasm all through the year. Life skills are a part of the programme of learning experiences offered within a classroom setting at junior DPS Patna Kids pre-schools. The child learns to become a productive group member, solve problems, remember rules, and develop an understanding of the effect.

Junior DPS Patna is the best preschool of Patna

Our handwriting improvements programmed are developed especially for the student to help them write legibly successfully and with speed. We teach the student how to form and join an alphabet with a good quality flow. Our preschool in Patna provides a form of instruction with specific learning requirement of the student. Spotlight is given on the sitting posture, notebook position, pencil grip control and the joining of the letter. Handwriting speed is a huge feature in every success story because of examination time is limited and student with slow handwriting will be unable to finish the question paper if they prepare well for the examination so we focus on their handwriting. This is a special type of class only held by our school i.e junior DPS Patna.

While there is an array of daily activities, there is also a stream of special activities and events all year round. Your child will love to participate in these activities and learn new things each day. They will love their time at junior DPS Patna so much that they will crave to come back to school every day. That is why everyone considers top preschool in Patna. For a healthy body and mind growth, we have proper meal charts prepared by the in house dietician, under whose guidance, delicious and healthy meals are served.

The arrangements at our preschool in Patna promote learning through, and with, fun and cheer. The bright facade of our play school buildings and the clean, colourful interiors combine in creating the perfect atmosphere for the children to react in and select the basic skills and knowledge. At our preschool, there are no formal classrooms, just thematic rooms like an aqua room, audio-visual room, art and craft room and so on.

We strive to explain the children with the outside world and bring them closer to nature so that they can feel their presences. Our activity room is full of puzzles, toys, abacus. This is our unique part that is why preschool considers one of the best preschool in Patna.The curriculum and activities at junior DPS Patna Kids have been designed to develop inquiring minds and healthy bodies. Parenting gets together are conducted from time to time to give the parents an insight into positive parenting. Every room is fitted with CCTV camera and the entire premise of junior DPS in Patna is under surveillance 24×7.

All of us at junior DPS Patna consider these principles as supreme. and unique. Charge very reasonable fees for all courses so that all the parents can afford - without compromising on the quality of inputs that we give. Act in the best interests of students at all times. Come and join with us as we are waiting for “YOU”.

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